воскресенье, 12 июня 2011 г.


I'll try to make this dump somewhat interesting, maybe someone will visit it. Anyway, while I'm talking to myself, I'll be posting my art, personal and work related before I'll make my own website with my own domain name, and practice my english. Cheers.

So this was year old piece, I did for like an hour, and suddenly some guys (The Tangle Core) bought it for 250$. For me it's very good, because for now I charge around 30-50 per image.
Dude from thegeekestlink.com offered me to come up with additional ides on his new project (can't say what is it), but when I provided couple sketches, which he liked, but didn't approved, he offered me to give him more ideas. Oh yeah, I just love to give away free ideas. Probably later I'll show these sketches.

Here's some random sketches.

In progress abstract thingy, based on alchemy.

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