пятница, 22 июля 2011 г.

Look mommy, I'm a game developer!

Hi you, two current subscribers, random visitors, and all other future readers.

It was a busy month, which is slowly going to the end. Got myself new fulltime job, it's pretty sweet position - flash MMORPG Sky2Fly, office based in the center of a city. Mostly I'm doing concept art and illustrations, but it's still probation month, before getting official.

But the more interesting news - I'm making my own game. Ok, first of all, a programmer hired me, to make graphic content. He had already draft of design document. But apparently I've got so involved, that I've started to refine plot, makind some design and gameplay decisions. Anyway, let me tell you something about game itself.

"Charon" is production title. It'll be sci-fi 2d platformer shooter, similar to Capsized. However I've insisted on strong art direction. We're planning on dense atmosphere, tangled plot, clear stylish design, interesting puzzles, based on implementation of 2d physics, and some more.

For inspiration we seek in Moon (the movie, 2009), Dead Space (videogame), Braid (videogame), Mass Effect (video game), Portal (vido game) and many other. Then again, we don't want to copy anything, and we admire those hits, and see them as example of great design.

Anywho, I can't really say much for now, because I don't want to spoil anything (still prepoduction, concepts and brainstorms). But I can show you the concept of main hero, one of which (probably 5th, less likely 3-4-6) will be used as actual model in game.


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  1. Haha man you've dug up way old post. Project was ditched, and many things happened after that. For now I'm in Nival Interactive, one of the largest russian game publisher and developer