пятница, 1 июля 2011 г.

Schedule getting less tight, so I can do some art for my pleasure. Recently I'm enjoying doing black and white pictures with simple round brush (100%\100% opacity\flow, with enabled opacity and size pressure dynamic (20% each).
Doing work for my current projects is real fun, especially Wreck-Age RPG and The Battle for Arcadia. Some other - just for money. Btw I've got some sweet steam-punk airship design for russian MMORPG Sky2Fly, but I'm not supposed to show it now. But soon I hope. I'll definetely will show some ideas I've done as test for thegeekestlink.com, because, it's my ideas, and they won't be used anyway.

Oh, here's test task I did for another gig, but I was too busy to make it in time, so position was taken.

Anyway, for last 2.5 months I've been doing what I love to do, meaning - drawing - and getting some money. Actually, it's pretty much ok. Yes it's not 100-200$ per piece, but doing freelance allows to have some me-time anytime I want, and it's still decent amount of money, because I'm doing couple projects.

Still though, I wish I was living in western europe, or US, because I see a lot of opportunities there. I'll be going there, working and living, anyway. My goal - in five years. Just want to make great games, and here it's all about social\mobile\browser games. It's easy to produce, and provides quick buck, but FUCK IT! It's not what I want, and all great games are being made somewhere out of Russia. I have a number of favourite games, made in Russia (not Ukraine, like STALKER), which are actual big games, really awesome, and made their way to the west market. But they were done quite some time ago. Anyway, enough of nightdreaming, got to draw more, to draw better.

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